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目前,我已将 Selenium 连接到 python 来抓取网页。我发现该页面实际上是从 JSON API 中提取数据,只要我登录到该页面,我就可以获得 JSON 响应。但是,我将响应输入 python 的方法似乎有点垃圾;我选择包含在 <pre> 中的文本标签并使用 pythonjson像这样解析数据的包:.

1. You have to get the text from the script element then parse it as JSON. import json #... elem = driver.find_element_by_css_selector ('#__NEXT_DATA__') jsontext = json.loads (elem.get_attribute ('innerHTML')) Share. Improve this answer.
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  • The JSON that I am looking for is a div within a div, where the outermost div has a tag data-type='Biological' and the innermost div contains the JSON data itself: Note that this webpage contains a few other embedded JSONs so the data-type in the parent div is important to specify.
  • The tedious process of switching to new windows or tabs in Selenium Python is all set to change with Selenium 4. The new_window API in Selenium 4 Python aids in creating a new window or new tab. Post new window/tab creation, the control automatically switches to it. Open a new Tab and Switch to the same. 1.
  • Python selenium chrome driver SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED unable to get local issuer certificate python macos selenium -chromedriver undetected -chromedriver Loading Jun 22, 2021 · This will Oct 21, 2020 · System: Mac OSX 10.
  • jQuery $.ajax JSON形式のPOST jQuery.getでレスポンスデータ... fetchでreturnで戻り値 4 テキストファイルの内容を変数... 5 【JavaScript】confirmのボタン... 6 saved from url=(0013)abou 7 HtmlからPythonコードを実行す... 8 sleepの 9